Southern Investments will assist the owners to form an Owner’s Association while handing over possession of the flats. You are required to become a member of this Association. A Maintenance Deposit is collected to provide contingency funds to the Association to meet unexpected expenses. These Deposits are non-refundable. The builder will hand over the Maintenance Deposit to the Association, after deducting any amounts for expenses incurred.


The Owners Association manages the staff, security and accounts for the building and organises maintenance and repairs to the common areas, exteriors and services for the building. Maintenance charges should be promptly paid by each owner to ensure trouble free service. The Association has the right to remove common benefits or amenities from a client for defaults in payment due for common expenses.


Monthly electricity charges and individual taxes for the apartment are directly payable by the Client to the concerned Authorities.

Si CARE – You deserve an extra care!

We understand how much you care about your home. That is why we introduce Si Care, the after-sales maintenance division.

Formed to look after day-to-day maintenance problems, Si Care takes care of your electrical, plumbing, masonry or carpentry works. It also helps in remitting statutory payments like electricity bills / telephone bills and Corporation tax for a fee of just Rs.112.

That’s not all,Si Care lends a hand to keep your apartments neat and tidy. By paying just `2000 (in case of furnished apartments) and `1500 (in case of unfurnished apartments), our team will help you keep your apartment super clean.

Terms and Conditions:

Complaints/requests can be made either through telephone, e-mail or in person

Emergency calls will be attended to on a priority basis

Si Care reserves the right to allot priorities to the calls

All calls received before 12 noon will be responded to, as far as possible before the close of the following working day

The client shall authorize the representative to execute the job by way of signing the estimate prepared by the representative

All payments have to be made by CHEQUE in favour of Si Care and a receipt will be given for the amount received

Si Care reserves the right to take up or reject a job, if it falls outside the purview of normal maintenance work

Style up your interiors!

We will be glad to undertake the following design works

Interior layout

False ceiling & light fittings

Wardrobes / kitchen cabinets / shelves and other built in furniture

Help choose furniture & furnishings.


si homes

Southern Investments is the first professionally managed builder in the South. Beginning in 1968,when Si began its first project – Montieth Court in Madras – nobody believed flats would sell. But history proved that notion wrong! Today Si has completed projects in the cities of Chennai, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode, Thrissur and Bengaluru. The Company has gained the distinction of having pioneered residential high-rise construction in South India. Si stands for over five million square feet of great, liveable homes, offices and shops.